We have the opportunity to grow our own food using sustainable agricultural techniques, working with Stadsgroenteboer and many other farms around the country. By using ingredients that are in our surroundings we create delicious products to inspire and encourage others to cook and create awareness of our food choices. Collaborating with other farmers and entrepreneurs in and around Amsterdam helps us to create a space to reconnect with nature, sharing knowledge and understanding where our food is coming from.

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HERBANO was started during the first Corona lock-down in spring 2020. When we saw that our farmer colleagues that focussed on selling to restaurants all of a sudden found it challenging to sell their produce we decided to take action. In order to support these local farmers and prevent food waste we started to buy their surplus and turned them into delicious, plant based and organic preserves. That is how HERBANO was born; transforming a problem into a solution. 

By buying produce from small scale and regenerative farms you support sustainable farming practices, circularity and an environment where the farmers receive a fair price. Our whole production is hand made in small batches so you can enjoy delicious food while supporting a more responsible and sustainable way of eating.

HERBANO is an initiative from Roots, Rice & Beans