With Roots, Rice & Beans we have the opportunity to grow our own food using sustainable agricultural techniques, working with Stadsgroenteboer and many other farms around the country. By using ingredients that are in our surroundings we create delicious products to inspire and encourage others to cook and create awareness of our food choices. Collaborating with other farmers and entrepreneurs in and around Amsterdam helps us to create a space to reconnect with nature, sharing knowledge and understanding where our food is coming from.


Roots, Rice & Beans wants to embrace the community to learn more about sustainable farming, regenerative agriculture, seasonality and local food choices with the aim to create a regenerative society. We believe that having knowledge on composting, harvesting, and where your food is coming from, we can create a bigger impact today! Join us and help grow a fruitful soil in and around Amsterdam.

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'Knowing and understanding where our food is coming from is one of the most important things to us, and we are working every day to fulfil this purpose.'


Circularity is very important for us at Roots, Rice & Beans. After the production of the jars of Andres Cooks at Kitchen Republic we bring our and other local start-ups organic waste back to the farm to compost it. This way we implement responsible waste management and we're not just taking out, but also bringing back to our soil. But it doesn't end here. We are collaborating with communities like restaurants, producers and coffee roasters to bring back even more than the amount we produced to begin with. By involving more people we can make a greater impact. 




My name is Andres Jara, a Colombian cook, farmer and co- farm manager of the small city farm De Stadsgroenteboer in Amsterdam West where we put a lot of work and passion into growing honestly harvested food. You don't need crazy equipment to prepare and enjoy a delicious meal. You just need an amazing product, dedication and a little help from your friends to share a wonderful time! 

What I love about having the opportunity to be a farmer at the same time as being a cook is that I can understand better the whole process of growing, harvesting and transforming food. Realising that with my actions of connecting the dots I can help other producers and individuals to reduce food waste is a huge motivator.


I really believe that things happen for a reason and that we need to bring the best out of everything and try to support each other as a community. With our plant-based sauce brand Herbano I share my passion and dream of bringing healthy, high-quality, seasonal food on your plate.

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